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True To Kids Classes

Music, yoga, dance, stretching and strengthening, art, and story time!

Song, Story and Move Along

Song, Story and Move Along is a True To Kids classic. We explore our favorite songs, create new ones, enjoy stories brought to life with guitar and prop accompaniment, do some yoga, dance and other fun strengthening and stretching activities and games. It all flows together and keeps the children engaged, interacting and getting the developmental support they crave. Join the fun!

Music and Movement Mash Up

This class is similar to Song, Story and Move Along, but a bit shorter, with more gross motor movement activities. 

Playgroup Classes

Developmentally nourishing fun, learning and socialization in a comfortable setting, with friends!

One-on-one, sibiling sessions, and groups. 


 •Mixed ages (older/younger siblings-fine)


 •We are together for about an hour

 •20% off of a 10 week semester, and 10% off of a 5 week semester. 


 •Your home (We do not need a large space!) Free for the host family/organizer.

 •W 72nd St. NYC

 •Building common room

Registration is ongoing throughout the year! 

The curriculum for private playgroup classes is designed based on the group dynamic as well as the needs of the individual children within the class. Early concepts such as shapes, colors and numbers are presented through music, images, movement activities, puppetry, stories, age appropriate instruments and props. Language growth and development is supported and encouraged through playful voice and speech exercises, interactive word building songs, dramatic word play, rhyming, call and response exercises and an open ended invitation to play with vocalization. Fine and gross motor skills are nourished and supported throughout the program. Attention is also given to strength building, body part awareness, core strength, personal space, socialization, emotional processing, team work, appropriate and safe behavior in a group, LOVE and FUN. True To Kids private playgroup classes include art and some science projects and even baking to the degree that our space allows. Classes are always focused to present all materials in ways that will be most interesting given your child's personality and learning style. I have drawn from what I find to be the best of many schools of thought on early development as applied in classes, my own twenty years of working with children and an ever deepening discovery of how best to be of service to our children.

Bring TTK to your home, preschool, library, community center, event or party. TTK is always looking for new ways to partner with other programs to support our children.