True To Kids by Tanya True uses music as a bouncy castle within which language and literacy development, creativity, fine/gross motor, cognitive and social development come together in an active, playful and mutually supportive way. Events and parties are music and movement based. Classes include music and movement as well like True To Kids "Junior Jam", but also include art, like the "Smock n Roll" class as well as science in "Fly Me To The Moon". Tanya creates original curriculum and music for children. The core purpose and value of True To Kids offerings is to encourage face to face interactions amongst children and adults that nurture a child’s natural passion for learning, and compassion for others, so they never forget to start from the heart. Within the lyrics of her songs, the content of her classes and the spirit of her performances, is a message of love and encouragement. Tanya brings abundant positive energy to the children, with a dream that they will take it, run with it, and share it. Tanya also writes and performs music for adults. She has studied the performing arts extensively throughout her life and has been working in early education for almost twenty years. She has performed at Town Hall, Lincoln Center and Carnegie Hall and has taught in top notch children’s programs and schools in addition to creating True To Kids.


One of my Tanya's first birthday parties for her little brother and sister! She is 13 years old in this picture, taken in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

One of my Tanya's first birthday parties for her little brother and sister!
She is 13 years old in this picture, taken in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

A Dream Come True

I began working with children when I was really still a child myself. I knew very early on that I wanted to teach and entertain children. At 13 years of age I organized birthday parties and started baby sitting. I began teaching formally in the class room almost 15 years ago now. I have been designing my own curriculum from the very start! In elementary school I always put together lesson plans for various groups. For example, I had a chess group in the second grade, and taught other children how to play.

I began creating music, movement, art and science classes after ten years of baby sitting and taking children to all sorts of classes in Manhattan. Every time I left a class I'd think "I could teach that class!". All my training, education and life experience screamed "You should be working with children silly!". It has been one of my life's greatest blessings to be able work with children.

Tanya has taught at the following schools and activity centers in New York City

The Children's Learning Center 
Free To Be Under Three
Columbus Preschool
The Art Farm
The Sports Club/LA
Reebok Sports Club/NY-For Kids Only
S.N.A.C.K. Special Needs Activity Center for Kids
Rockefeller University
The New York Center for Child Development
The Children's Learning Center
Discovery Programs
Asphalt Green
Play Area Association
Play Together

True To Kids offers time tested, research, curriculum and experience based classes for early learning and development. Classes include encouragement for gross and fine motor development, with a bit of dance, stretching, relaxation, and gentle muscle strengthening. Classic children's songs and finger plays are used as well as original songs and finger plays. There is lot’s of musical exploration including singing, vocal play, rhyming, rhythms, and repetition to support speech. We work on color, shape, number and letter recognition as well. The program serves the youngest to the oldest in developmentally appropriate ways. Space permitting, some classes include a science or art project.